Haytham Elhawary, Director of the Zahn Center

Haytham Elhawary is the Director of the Zahn Center for Entrepreneurship, a new incubator affiliated to City College focused on hardware startups, small high growth companies that build physical products.

Haytham is a hardware advocate, enthusiast and entrepreneur. He is the founder of the NY hardware startup meetup and runs the NY chapter of the Startup Leadership Program, a non-profit which trains talented entrepreneurs.

Haytham has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College London and a Mechanical Engineering degree from University of Navarra in Spain. He also enjoys improvised comedy, and talking to Americans about their under-appreciation for the art of soccer.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

3.00 pm - Doors open

4.00 - 4.40 pm - Panel 1

Getting started in manufacturing 


Haytham Elhawary is the Director of the Zahn Center for Entrepreneurship, a new incubator affiliated to City College focused on hardware startups, small high growth companies that build physical products.

Frank Russo is co-founder and CEO of Fabricating.com, an intelligent sourcing solution that connects US Buyers with the US Suppliers qualified to meet their requirements.

Matthew Bolton is Director of Production at SparkFun Electronics, an online retail store that sells the bits and pieces to make your electronics projects possible.

Matt Burnett is a co-founder of Maker's Row, an online community of American factories and suppliers, on a mission to make the manufacturing process simple to understand and easy to access.

4.40 - 5.20 pm - Panel 2

3D scanning and modeling 


Matthew Griffin is community manager at Adafruit Industries and currently writing a book on design for 3D printing for O'Reilly/MAKE.

Aaron Trocola is an industrial engineer and owner of 40WestID, offering product design, 3D scanning, and consulting services.

Sara Sigel is community manager at GrabCAD, a mechanical engineering community for sharing knowledge sharing and collaboration, including free CAD model library.

Kevin LeBlanc is an evangelist and account manager for SpaceClaim, a Concord-based company in 3D Direct Modeling solutions for rapid concept design and geometry manipulation.


Arthur Young-Spivey is a Digital Fabrication Specialist.

5.20 - 6.00 pm - Break

Drinks + networking

6.00 - 6.30 pm - Keynote

Manufacturing Transformation - Eric Snow, PTC 

The global manufacturing industry is in the midst of a fundamental transformation. Major external forces are challenging traditional concepts about how and where value is created - across engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and service organizations.

Simultaneously, these same forces present a massive opportunity for manufacturers that adapt their product offerings, and even their business models, to identify new sources of competitive advantage. Success is being redefined. Are you ready?

Eric Snow is VP of corporate communications for PTC, a technology company that helps manufacturers transform the way they create and service products across the entire product lifecycle - from conception and design to sourcing and service.

6.30 - 7.10 pm - Panel 3

Product development and PLM 


Rich Ehrenhaus is Director of Planning and Product Development at Hutzler Home Products, a world class designer and manufacturer of housewares that has been in business for over 70 years.

Stephan Clambaneva is the New York City Chapter Chair of the Industrial Designers Society of America and director Global PLM Industry Consultant at Dassault Systemes.

Marc Lind is SVP global marketing at Aras, an enterprise open source software provider of next generation Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions.

7.10 - 7.50 pm - Panel 4

Industrial design 


Klaus Rosburg is the founder and principal of SONIC Design, a New York based design studio specializing in the development of consumer products, structural packaging and furniture design.

Gordon Perry is the principal of Gordon Randall Perry Design, an industrial design consultancy that designs consumer, medical, laboratory, commercial, office, lighting, industrial, contract and architectural products.

Andrew Thurlow is a partner in Thurlow Small Architecture and founded and runs the Digital Manufacturing Laboratory at Roger Williams University.

Carlos Cruz is a veteran maker and industrial designer and Digital Fabrication Specialist at the School of Visual Arts' Visible Futures Lab, the makerspace for SVA's new two-year Products of Design graduate program.

7.50 - 9.00 pm - Networking continues

Drinks + networking

What are Design for Manufacturing Summits?

80 percent of manufacturing costs are determined in the first 20 percent of the product design process. Design has the key to take cost and waste out of manufacturing.

Design for Manufacturing Summits bring together product developers, industrial designers, engineers, makers and manufacturers for a more decentralized, leaner manufacturing ecosystem.

Who attends DFM Summits?

Industrial designers, product developers, makers, engineers, manufacturers. Representatives of the following organizations have participated in our semi-annual summits:

Material ConneXion
Tangent Ventures
Macro Sea
Cornell University
Langoliers Jewelry
New York Investment Fund
Tactonic Technologies
Columbia University
McLaren Engineering Group
Pratt Center
NY Designs
Fallon Community Health
Charles River Ventures
Brooklyn Custom Metal Fabrication
Brookyn Wharf
CBS Interactive
Wiley Publishers
Parsons School of Design
Kimber Mfg
Sparkfun Electronics
New York Life
Zahn Center
Hutzler Home Products
Peripteral Design
Maine Fablab
Panoptic Online Marketing
Design Compendium
Gordon Randall Perry Design
Shisa Labs
New Balance
ShopBot Tools
Francis Bitonti Studio
ECCO Design
Breadbox Studio
Firstmark Capital
MCE Consultants
Terrapin Bright Green
Reshoring Initiative
Dassault Systemes
Adafruit Industries
Dynamo Development Lab
Meridian Design Associates
Maker Faire Africa
Architectural Grille
Deutsche Bank
Syracuse University

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