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Designer Spotlight: Corretta Singer

Our designer spotlight this week features Corretta Singer. A Shapie with some serious imagination and awesome steam punk aesthetic, her shop is a great example of the endless possibilities of 3D printing.

Shapeways California Meetup Roundup

Heartbleed Update: Shapeways is Patched

Lock Heart Charm by Bee Whitlock

Order in time for Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is just around the corner here in the US, and we want to make sure you can get your goods in time for your lovely mothers and important women in your life. We’ve mapped out a schedule for select materials, and you can always reference our material pages for more information. These cut-off dates are based on next day shipping for a May 9th delivery within the US. If you are ordering from outside the US, or ordering a personalized product, please allow for extra time.

UK Roadshow: 3D Design and Printing in Edinburgh, Scotland

Announcing our First Gadget Hacking & Accessories Contest

Happy Monday, It is a wonderful day to kick off the awesome Gadget Hacking & Accessories Contest we are hosting in partnership with Instructables, Popular Mechanics, Ultimaker, and Sphero

Designer Spotlight (With bonus material!): Matthew Levy and Martin Griswold

For the designer spotlight this week, we are highlighting Matthew Levy and Martin Griswold of Quantitative Design! They've also let us in on some of their design secrets, for our first ever BONUS MATERIAL section of the designer spotlight. The duo translates complex data into beautiful pendants, further opening our eyes to the endless capabilities of 3D printing. If you love space and jewelry, these are your guys!