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Weekend Events in the US and UK
Hey, US and UK Shapies! We're participating in a few events this weekend that we'd love for you to be a part

Managing your Shapeways Shop Facebook Fan page Best Practices

Savannah here, just popping in to introduce you to our latest series of Shop Owner Tips & Tricks. The glorious signs of spring are everywhere, and that means it's time for Spring Shop Cleaning! You all did such an impressive job with the Fall Shop Owner Challenge, we wanted to follow up and help you have your biggest Summer of sales yet! Many members of the staff and community are pitching in with inspiring stories and ways to make your Shapeways Shop more successful. Today, Eric, our …

Designer Spotlight: Jessica and Jean-Baptiste Fontes

This week, in light of Mother's Day coming up in the US, we are highlighting a brother/sister duo who are definitely making mom proud. Born in Paris, Jean-Baptiste and Jessica are now exploring different parts of the world, but have one common place to put their creative minds together. Node is an awesome combo of Jessica's imagination with Jean-Baptiste's 3D modeling skills. Uniting their creative minds, there's no sibling rivalry here, and they've come up with some great pieces.

Shapeways Meetup Recap: Meeting the Shapies in Amsterdam