Oluwaseyi Sosanya is an industrial designer and co-founder of Gravity Sketch, a tool for creatives to quickly sketch their ideas in 3D space using immersive augmented reality.
Roland Stapper is co-founder and CEO of 3Dealise, a 3D engineering and 3D printing service for industrial applications based in the Netherlands and London.
Peter Verkooijen is a Dutch journalist, market developer, exiled New Yorker and founder of the Design for Manufacturing Forum project.
Grant Cleveland is founder and Director of Breakthemold, bringing together the fragmented design, manufacturing and retail industries into an end-to-end value chain.
Tom Tobia is a designer and co-founder of Makerversity, Europe's largest industrial co-working space for emerging maker businesses, also home to a pioneering education programme.
Ade Shokoya is an Agile consultant, coach and trainer and a Certified Agile eXtreme Manufacturing Black Belt.
Matt Johnson is the founder of Bare Conductive, a London-based startup focused on the development and manufacture of nontoxic conductive paint, and a range of complementary products.