Caspar van Roosmalen is principal at Caspar van Roosmalen Product Design Services.
Bo Reudler is owner and designer at Bo Reudler Studio, a furniture, product and interior design firm based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Olaf Wit is founder of Wit Industries, a firm that designs and produces smart performance bicycle products.
Jurre Groenenboom is founder and creative coach at CRE8, a 3d print, cut and copy shop in the centre of Amsterdam that offers services to consumers and businesses and sells self-produced products.
Elise Luttik is an Industrial Designer and founder of eli5e, a design studio specialized in 3D printed designs.
Richard Garsthagen is uitvinder van Pi3Dscan, de eerste open-source full body 3d scanner.
Roland Stapper is co-founder and CEO of 3Dealise, a 3D engineering and 3D printing service for industrial applications based in the Netherlands and in the UK.
Dajo Bodisco Massink is chairman of Krux Amsterdam, a shared workspace and design platform for multi-disciplinary artists.
Douwe Bart Mulder is co-founder and CEO at Printr, a startup that builds tools to make it possible for anyone to get creative with 3D printers without any technical limitations.
Siba Sahabi is a poetic designer who develops concepts and designs products for various labels as Pols Potten and Rosenthal next to limited edition, handmade items.
Mark Studholme is co-founder of CrowdyHouse, a launch platform and marketplace for independent designers and makers.
Maarten Twigt is the owner of iFabrica, the leading makerspace in Amsterdam.