Drura Parrish is founder and CEO of MakeTime, an online, transactional marketplace where manufacturers connect to buy and sell machine production capacity by the hour.
Bill O'Farrell is co-founder and CEO of Body Labs, 3D modeling the human body as a platform for creating and acquiring goods and services.
Oleg Shilovitsky is consultant and blogger at Beyond PLM, a leading source for information on engineering and manufacturing software.
Jack Abel is the founder of Watermark, a leading Brooklyn-based manufacturer of high end bath fittings, faucets, shower heads and accessories.
JD Albert is director of engineering at Bresslergroup, a product development firm and innovation lab.
Andrew Erlick is the Director of Design & Technology Outreach at Indiegogo, the largest global crowdfunding platform.
Jeremy Herrman is the founder and CTO of Plethora, a rapid manufacturing service that uses a new kind of robotic factory.
Mitch Maiman is co-founder, President and CEO of Intelligent Product Solutions, a product design and engineering company providing clients with product development consulting spanning early stage ideation to productization.
Dean DiPietro is partner at Tomorrow Lab, a product design and engineering consultancy with a unique focus on prototyping new hardware technology and turning those prototypes into market-ready products.
Carsten Hochmuth is Director of Product Management at aPriori Technologies, building enterprise product cost management solutions for manufacturing companies.
Jonathan Cedar is CEO and co-founder of BioLite, a social enterprise that develops and manufactures clean, affordable energy systems for off-grid communities around the world.
Heidi Anderson is Technology Acceleration Project Manager at ITAC, a nonprofit consulting and training organization dedicated to helping NYC manufacturing and technology companies grow.